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April 12th, 2006 - Kevin's LJ — LiveJournal
My Six Apart / LiveJournal work journal
Quick follow-up on this post...

reeniecooks and I went to Delfina last night for her birthday.

It was awesome. Thanks to lisa's find of this review, we knew to order the ribollita. Actually, we ordered it once (it's an antipasta), then ordered it *again* it was so good. The salt cod mantecato with fennel seed flatbread was also really, really good. We shared a bitter greens salad with amazing parmesan shaved over the top. I had the pork shoulder and Marina had the quail for our main courses. Then I had a cheese with black truffle and Marina had the profiteroles for dessert. Then they rolled us out of there on a forklift.

Would go again, and again.

P.S. The parking gods knew it was Marina's birthday -- space out front in the toughest parking neighborhood south of Russian Hill. Josh Charles, of Dead Poet's Society and Sports Night, was eating there too...I can recognize pretty random celebs!


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