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CNN interviews menatrott: </span> My favorite quote… - Kevin's LJ
My Six Apart / LiveJournal work journal
CNN interviews menatrott: </span>

My favorite quote from Being able to record your life is something that I can imagine everyone [doing]. [Everyone will] have terabyte after terabyte of all these instances of their lives. And certain information is going to be available to certain groups and other will be available only to like family and other stuff will be available only to you. So in 10 years, I can fully imagine every moment of my life is documented. And the privacy will be there to prevent it from being used in a malicious way. But that I think is the biggest thing. We're going into a recording of life.

I completely agree.  That's the most compelling need out there; it's a deep-seated human need.  I also think LiveJournal does this really well and has the potential to do it better.  Take
reeniecooks: she's documenting everything we cook and eat, every night.  It's an awesome record that we really value and will value even more in the future.
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